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Vulpro February 2014 The story of one vulture mad woman on a trip to learn more about the plight of the Cape Vulture in South Africa

About traceybirdgirl

I'm not sure how I got to be this age, but I'm 50 in july this year, it seems that only yesterday i was young and slim and full of beans. There was always tomorrow. Time was not an issue.

Time is ticking on and the need to make the most of it becomes sharper by the day. I'm not saying I've wasted the last 50 years, I've certainly never been bored, but, oh wow, there is SO much I still want to do and places I want to go ...

I've ridden racehorses and polo ponies and event horses, I've been a specialist veterinary nurse. I've towed my father's line and used the qualifications that he forced me to take so that I had 'something to fall back on' and done the whole office based bit (the nearest I ever got to boredom and the temptation to rebel was MASSIVE). I've lived abroad. I've set up and run successful businesses that I've then given up or away. I've been married, a mother and divorced. I've made some amazing friends and lost an entire family. I've broken more bones than I care to remember and am now largely titanium. 

I've tried a bit of everything and regret none if it but through it all the one constant has been my passion for animals.

Dad swore I'd grow out of this 'obsession' but I can't think it'll happen now.

the last 10 years have given me the time to work out how it will work for me.  I was lucky enough to stumble in to the world of falconry and from there develop a deep respect and love for scavengers - the vultures, kites, the Bateleur, the corvids - these are the ones who have found me. Not for me the falcons and hawks, love them though I do, no, for me it's the clever, beautiful, resourceful carrion eaters.



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