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downunders hit the tour again

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Dec 2012 taken at Maroochydore on the Maroochy River

Dec 2012 taken at Maroochydore on the Maroochy River

Jackie and Kerry are off again on another Tour de France sojourn after having bought a motorhome on EBay UK and having their great friends helping out in getting it all set up for the adventure.

In 2007 we followed the tour from London , into Belgium, through France and a quick trip into Italy, down into Spain and then we headed off into Europe.

We went through Italy, into Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein then back into England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and finally put our feet up for a week back at our great friends place in Northhampshire, before arranging to ship the camper back to NZ.

On that trip we lived in NZ, and so in all after we left home we touched down in 17 countries, including  Beijing on the way to UK and Hong Kong on the way home.  We drove about 20,000 km's in 3 months, drank great cheap French and Italian wines, meet a great many friendly people and took hundreds of photos.

On this trip we hope to do the same although we only have 9 weeks this time with no stopovers on the way there or coming home, which now is Australia.

I will try to keep my journal up to date and fill it with titbits, photos, maps and videos, as we are not getting any younger and by the time we get to do this again who knows what we will remember.

So Melvyn and Maggie, look out, as we are about to hit your fair shores and show you Poms a thing or two about roughing it.  I can't wait.

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