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Di in 2014

Di in 2014

My grandchildren and their friends call me DeeDee - I am Dianne (prefer Di) Hill currently living in Beachmere, Queensland, Australia.

I have other blogs Diary of a House Sitter and Traveller - but as I am going to China I suspect this will be behind the great firewall and I will not be able to access it.

In 2007 I started a TESOL course, but before it was completed, in January 2008, I was invited to teach English at Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, at Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province which I did for two semesters and returned for one semester in 2010.

On returning to Australia, I left my marriage officially, and set about house sitting for over 2 years while I completed a Master of Arts at Swinburne University.  After graduation I drove around Australia on my own for 5 months before returning to Brisbane and setting out for a more staid life - a unit at Beachmere.

Wanderlust has struck again, and in May I am venturing to Singapore and Shanghai with my sister, and will then, after she has returned to Australia, go back to Yuexiu to do some research and be a guest speaker at the University.


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