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The visit to home away from home.

A visit to home away from home.

Sweden | Friday, 15 October 2010 | 5 photos

Eager. Architecture. Australia. Dying nature and oil filled seas. Springsteen. Happy. Adaption. Orust. Heavy thoughts. Christmas. Age issues. Homes. Photography. Step father. Cape Town. One loved, but dead dog. Cut-off heads. Manual developing. Walt Disney. Hand written letters. One spinning cat. Future. "All good things comes n threes". Average. Moleskine notebooks. Sweden. Exactly. West Coast.
- Those are all words people could associate with me. But more importantly - I do. They all play a part in describing me. One story behind every single word. Stories I could tell, but to do that I need more than 300 words.

I believe there is a story behind every photograph taken (minor or major doesn’t really matter). The hard part is managing taking a photo that makes the viewer want to know that story, wondering about it. Intrigue them – That’s my aim. However, lately it feels like I’m hitting my head against a glass wall and nothing good comes out of that - The wall breaks and I’m left with glass shutter all over the floor; not very helpful. To get somewhere from here, the need of instructions is of importance.

See, I know my photos are far from perfection, but besides from the story I hope told to you through my shots from my beloved childhood “hideaway” (still absolutely closest to my heart) I also wish my strong will to do my best, is reflected in them.

I also sense a break would do more than just good. Not from everything/everyone in general – but everything/everyone here. Where I am. I want to explore something new. I’d like to interpret undiscovered nature, new people, animals, unknown culture. I’m positive I will gain knowledge, inspiration and perspectives a text book could never give me. A journey that simply has to be experienced!

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