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PHILIPPINES | Monday, 17 December 2007 | Views [991] | Comments [5]


Whats happening in Oz? I feel so out of the loop...you all have to fill me in too! and CONGRATULATIONS JESS! An OP2 is AWESOME! When do you find out first preferences? And why haven't I heard Michael bragging to me about what he got?!

Saturday was project work day. We really didn't get that much done (in my opinion, but the others thought we had), but basically went over what we need to do for the festival and divided it up. That night we were invited to Cath's house (the Aussie leader here) for her birthday dinner, so the Victoria volunteers (Myself, Tegan, Erin, Steph, Jess and Anh) walked with Girly (our Filipino leader) in the dark, on the side of the road, when it was drizzling, 3km to her house. I didn't mind the walk, it was just that there was often no room on the side of the road to walk, so we had to walk on the road, and then almost get swipped by passing traffic. We all thought, 'If the embassy could see us now'. We made it alive and we had a great time.

Cath had cooked the food and it was Aussie! We were SO excited to see salad and potato's and a cheese and chicken bake and bread without sugar in it - the Filipino's that were there said 'Where's the meat?'. So we had a meal without rice and we were in heaven!

It then started to pour, so we got driven home, which was also very exciting.

We've had two rest days (yesterday and today). Yesterday, all the kids from both centers and the volunteers went swimming for Cath's birthday. They spent all day there, from what I gather it was just a pool. But swimming is such a treat here, the kids were ready to leave at 6.30am, they were so excited.

So while they were having fun...I was stuck at home because I got diarrhea. What fun! When Sibella realised I was home alone, she came back because AVI said we're not aloud to be by ourselves. Anyway, so by the time she came back at 12ish, I was feeling fine, so we just had a really boring day - colouring-in, doing crosswords and talking crap.

Today I feel fine, so Erin, Tegan and I caught our first public jeepney to Los Banos to use the computers and get supplies. We were so excited that we caught the right jeepney, paid the right money and got off at the right spot...without dying, getting lost, getting something stolen! It was a momentous occasion! :)

I was watching when we had to get off, and you have to say 'Para Po' - which means 'stop' politely. I said it, and the guys that were driving, and sitting at the front just looked at me and then pulled over. So I either said 'Penis', or they were just shocked that I said the right word.

I've also uploaded some photos of what the center looks like. I really want to take lots of photos, but its not good to flash your camera around everywhere (particularily on a public jeepney), so I've been a bit restricted.

Anyway, thats another update for you - now your turn, update ME! :)


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Oi!!! Everything that you are doing sounds awesome! It sounds like you are really enjoying it :). Hasn't been to much happening here. I may have a new job though...have my last interview with them tomorrow (Tuesday) so am kinda hoping to get it. Was a bit sure if I wanted to go through with it or not cause of a few reasons but I think I will if I get offered with it. Bit of a story and would be to hard to explain in writing ;). The time has flown by heaps fast to. Have you got any fav places yet?

  Natalie Dec 17, 2007 2:51 PM


Good to see you've settled in to some normality?? and we will have some rice waiting for you when you get home. It's been raining cats and dogs here this afternoon/night. Michael got an OP7 ... he was hoping for 5, but he can still do the science degree at Uni anyway. He has a week's work at a commercial air conditioning factory in Caloundra so he can pay back some of his debts. JAK finishes work this Friday and has three weeks off. Rebecca is just bumming around. We are going to Moreton Is for 10 days in the new year and then mum and I are going to the Aussie Open for a week which should be great. Have you been getting your emails? I sent some awhile ago and no response? Also you said that you have uploaded some more photos, but that didn't seem to happen. How hard is it to get access to a computer? We are trying not to miss you too much and haven't sold much of your stuff yet. How much do you want for your car? Have fun ... we are. love Dad.

  Dad Dec 17, 2007 10:54 PM


Hey you, love hearing what you have been doing, it is so sad to hear how broken the country is, and makes me realise how blessed I am to be in this country and to have the things I have.

Nothing to much has been happening here, getting ready to go camping, which we are all looking forward to, just relaxing and taking it easy.

Thinking of you often. Dont worry Aydan isn't walking yet, will let you know.


  Esther Dec 19, 2007 9:12 AM


Hey Babe!

Stay safe. I hope you're having fun. Drink water from sealed bottles if you can! That'll help avoid the trots. (And worse)

You mention that you are not supposed to be alone anywhere. GOOD advice. What we don't need is our favorite niece getting mugged, or worse.

I'm thinking that those ppl could really help their own situation by keeping their legs together and not popping out so many sprogs.

So what is it you are doing to help?

Hey Phil: Going to Moreton... you SUCK!! ;o)

  Chris Dec 19, 2007 2:01 PM


Nice to read all your observations and experiences of your daily activities. Mustbe Hell of a Culture shock.
Grandad & Grandma Linek. Love you Heaps. Happy New Year.

  John Dec 21, 2007 9:27 PM



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