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in the prologue of life I want to live without fear and see the world on my own terms.

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I love Korean coffee shops.

I love Korean coffee shops.

There are three things in this world that make me both happy and miserable at different times: coffee, writing, and seeing the world.

It's frightening that the world is so big and I am so much less than what I envisioned myself to be when I was 16. It seems that writing was easier then, but I just thought I was being smart. Reflecting on my ignorant days in a dusty Karoo dorp in sunny South Africa from my grey Korean windowsill I recognise that there are many things I have yet to learn before I'll be awesome, if that ever happens.

So here's what I do know, my name is Annetjie, I have a degree in journalism, I'm from South AFrica, and I currently in reside in South Korea where I work as an English teacher at an elementary school. The rest is still to be obtained.

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