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Some Help With Motion Sickness

SAINT LUCIA | Friday, 30 October 2009 | Views [562] | Comments [1]

On a recent cruise I went on in the Caribbean, I really suffered from motion sickness. I still had a good time but did my research into ways to stop it as I have a cruise planned for next year. I wanted to share my advice with the community and hope it helps combat the nausea.

1.) Position of your cabin. If you ensure that the person booking your cruise is aware that you are a motion sickness sufferer, they should have the power to locate you accommodation cabin near the centre of the ship. This will minimise the amount of movement that your cabin experiences, even on mild river cruises and will dramatically reduce the chances of feeling ill.

2.) Eating ginger. Ginger has been used to combat travel sickness for thousands of years. Its natural ingredients minimize the gag-reflex response signals that are sent to the stomach from the brain and will help to stop you being sick. It does not however stop nausea, so you still might not feel great.

3.) Walking about. It sounds simple but it really can work. The unique movement that the brain experiences when on a boat is something it is not accustomed to and so it reacts badly. If you're up and about and able to walk around the whole boat for a little while you movement sensory organs will begin to be more comfortable with the sensations and you feel much better. I was on one of the bigger luxury cruises, so had plenty of room to move around...if only I had known what I know now!

4.) Motion sickness tablets. This is a very popular technique that is often the best method for reducing nausea. The sickness tablets work to reduce the brains receptiveness to movement and therefore act to minimise the amount of dizziness and nausea it feels. They can however also give you a drowsy feeling so you might not be able to take part in any strenuous activity...shame. To ensure that the chemicals are well circulated around the body when the ship leaves harbour, you should take your tablets at least 60 minutes before hand. This will mean that you’ll be protected against sickness from the minute you step on the boat.

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this may not be practical on a long cruise, but in Launceston enroute to Melbourne by boat we were given a hint to put only ONE earplug in - must do before commencing travel for best results - supposedly it foils the inner ear/balance system - it works for us and also has helped my car-sick child. Good Luck!

  sally Nov 21, 2009 2:12 PM

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