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Sa Pa Vietnam

My Scholarship entry - Intense green, in black and white.

Vietnam | Saturday, 22 December 2012 | 4 photos

I have found, and others will agree I am sure, that the best way to open ones mind to new experiences is through travel. Seeing another culture or another way of life, and leaving your comfort zone pushes you to mentally adapt. Travel has the potential to foster tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

My ambition is to travel the world to construct photographic essays exposing people to the experiences right outside their front doors, and hopefully inspire them to go and gather new and exciting experiences for themselves. My quest for new experiences has not gone entirely unfulfilled, as I have made a few trips both overseas and around my native Australia, and I am planning more. But it is something I wish I could do more often.

From the scholarship, I would wish to learn more about the world, and the people, places and animals in it. More importantly perhaps, I wish to learn about myself, my vision, and my limits. Even in just reflecting while preparing for this competition, I believe I have gained something incredibly worthwhile.

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