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Paris, city of photo's

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Sunday, 17 October 2010 | 5 photos


Using a photocamera made me discover a new way to look at the world. A new way to look at people. In a city like Paris, there are a lot of places where tourists seem to flock. World famous spots that attract the kind of people that take pictures of each other and try to make the same picture that's on the postcard they just bought. In these places, where people come together, they mind their own business. There is little interaction between these people. Because people pay so little attention to each other, each face portrays a story of it's own. Each expression makes me wonder what the background of that story might be.

Photo 1

The first photograph is a photo of a child sitting on an island in the Seine. He has his attention aimed solely on his bread.

Photo 2

This photo is of two dancers (or at least they looked like dancers) who went for a photoshoot in front of the Notre Dame. They stood on a small pillar and a photographer ran around and took pictures.

Photo 3

Here you see the before mentioned photographer (green jacket) and other people who stand still to look at the dancers from photo 2. The person with the plastic bag however is not bothered and walks straight past.

Photo 4

This is a girl on the Eiffel Tower, taking pictures with her cell phone. Hundreds of people could be found doing this.

Photo 5

This is two women watching themselfs as they took a picture from themselves.

I am the one who must be granted the scholarship because I am very willing to learn. Have the ability to learn and because I am able to improve the skills needed to tell a story through a photograph.

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