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A Little Adventure Single mum travelling with two young daughters, through Paris, mostly around Germany, into Scandinavia and Austria. Mostly, house-sitting, but also some hostelling and visiting friends.

Little trek through Scandinavia

GERMANY | Sunday, 2 September 2007 | Views [744] | Comments [3]

Yes, it is a long time since we wrote.  But, we seem to be drifting further away from Australia the further north we go!  Now, with just three weeks left of our holiday, Australia and home seems like a far distant memory.  Phoebe and Sabrina, as all children can do so well, know how to be present in where they are on that day.  I ask them all the time if they want to phone anyone back home or write letters, and they look at me as if to say, "but today our life is here, when we get back to that life then we will connect with the people there".  There is no hanging on or falling back into the past.  And, I´m definitely getting the hang of it.  So, sorry (especially mum!) if you are looking for more regular updates but they are really hard to come at these days:-)

Nevertheless, since our last blog we have been to Stockholm and Copenhagen.  Next time (!!!!!) there must be a deep exploration of Scandinavia.  It is beautiful.  The people are very friendly.  Particularly in Sweden where they are literally plugged into American cable TV - they speak English with an American accent (hey, John, Sabrina thought it was nearly as cool as your accent - yes, you do have one!). 

We flew with a budget airline from Lübeck (got ripped off by the taxi driver on the way - the taxi fare cost nearly as much as the airfaire!) to Stockholm, where we were picked up by our new family.  Peter, Pia, Hanna (10), Sandra (8) and Daniel (5).  Meeting Pia was like meeting an old friend.  Her and Peter made us feel so welcome and our whole stay was an absolute delight.  They live about half an hour east of Stockholm on an island called Ingarö, in a small town.  Sabrina went to school one day with Hanna, and Sandra and Phoebe had a lot of fun.  We went to the beach a couple of times and experienced swiming nordic style.  VERY invigorating.  Visitied an old viking ship that had been pulled up from the ocean floor and restored (that´s the main lesson for Sabrina completed for this term).  Spent all day walking around Skansa, a Swedish version of Sovereign Hill, but much bigger, more beautiful, and really informative of life as it was.  Best of all though was Junibacken Museum.  A museum (more like a childrens library come to life) showcasing famous Scandinavian authors of childrens fiction.  It was soooo beautiful and the girls were agog.  I think, for Phoebe, it will alway be the highlight of her trip.  She walked around Pippi Longstockings village and house.  Met Peter Findus, Carlson and a plethora of other characters and settings.  Words can´t describe it, so you´ll have to wait for the photos.

Peter and Pia introduced us to many Swedish traditions, but the most exciting was (I have no idea how to spell it or say it) a crayfish eating party.  Carolyn and Luke, it was much like your Christmas day with Tony and friends.  Singing songs regularly, skulling glasses of schnapps and eating crayfish that has been cooked in dill, wearing a party hats and bibs.  Very delicious and lots of fun.  I begged out of trying the fermented tins of fish.  Even Peter said they smell disgusting, but taste quite nice!!  Anything that can make an apartment unliveable for a week is not for eating as far as I´m concerned:-)

So, all things Swedish were found.  Bjorn Börg lives around the corner.  Pia´s friend lives next door to Agneta, she also comes from the village that Frida came from (you know who I´m talking about), another friend went to school with Benny´s son, and did you know Skype is Swedish??!

A fast train trip took us to Copenhagen on Wednesday.  I think the Danish people are the most attractive people in the world.  Unfortunately we had really bad weather again, and our time there wasn´t so shiny after walking for 6 hours in the rain, only to see the Little Mermaid, Sabrina:  "Is that it!!!!!" 

So, yesterday another train trip to Lübeck which involved the train driving on the ferry for a 45 minute crossing to Germany.  We knew we were back on German turf as soon as we walked up to the dining room on the ferry - everyone was smoking and they had their dogs with them.  We are back in Lübeck.  Everyone in Ingarö had a cold which we walked away from unscathed, until the rainy day in Copenhagen.  I now have ´the cheast cold´ and feeling pretty shabby.  So, photos will come at another time.

There´s much more to share, but it´s time for another lie down.  On Tuesday we have a long train trip to Cochem on the Moselle River, to meet Jörg.  Then on Friday we train to Stuttgart to stay with Muriel and her family.  (We all can´t wait, Muriel).


Lisa, Sabrina and Phoebe

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Nice to hear that you arrived safely to Denmark and further on. The girls want you to come back. They miss you. Why couldn't´t they staid longer.
I too have a cheast cold and a fever. I´ll hope I get better on Monday (work).
(I´ll send you a picture of Björn Borgs house)
Ohh, we found a coat, a red coat. Is it yours?
Lots of love from the hole Borg family, Ingarö.

  Pia Sep 2, 2007 3:23 AM


Dear Girls
Glad you had a great time in Sweden and 'not too bad' time in Denmark. Enjoy your last few weeks in Germany. Say Hi to Jorg & Muriel for me. Sorry to hear you have a 'bad cheast' Lisa - you know what I would say - but do they have Vicks in Germany? Take care of yourself. Love GranMary

  GranMary Sep 3, 2007 4:22 PM


Hi Sabrina
Thank-you for the postcard you sent me. The Pippi Longstocking village sounds lots of fun - I'd love to go to that museum and I look forward to seeing photos. Was there a horse on the verandah? Camp was fun and the weather was hot one day.We walked to the beach over big dunes and then when we got there we fell over in the inlet accidentally, but not really! Now Ann is sick with flu and we have Julie as our teacher.I need to get on with my Viking project now. I have decided to change and do Stories and poetry. Only 3 weeks now until I see you. Lots of love Ruby H xxx

  Ruby Huzzey Sep 5, 2007 5:21 PM

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