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A Little Adventure Single mum travelling with two young daughters, through Paris, mostly around Germany, into Scandinavia and Austria. Mostly, house-sitting, but also some hostelling and visiting friends.

The Beginning

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 3 July 2007 | Views [544] | Comments [5]

Hello friends and family,


Most of you already know, but to some others this may be news.  Sabrina, Phoebe and I (Lisa) will be on an adventure during third term this year. 


Depart Melbourne                    Sunday, 8th. July

Arrive Paris                              Monday, 9th. July


Depart Paris                             Friday, 13th. July

Arrive Berlin                             Friday, 13th. July


Staying in Quedlinburg  Friday, 13th. July to Sunday, 12th. August


Staying in Luebeck                   Sunday 12th. August to Monday, 3rd.


            Stockholm                                Wednesday, 22nd. August to

            Copenhagen                             Tuesday, 29th. August to Friday 1st.



Visiting various people as we make our way south         Monday, 3rd.

                                                                                   September to

                                                                                   Monday, 10th.



Staying in Miesbach                  Monday, 10th. September to Monday, 24th.



Depart Muenchen                     Monday, 24th. September

Arrive Melbourne                     Wednesday, 26th. September(at 4:45am if

                                               anyone is interested in picking us upJ)


This weblog is how we are going to keep in touch with you all; this first one is a trial to see if I’ve set-up my web-mail address book right (thanks heaps, Ferde!!). 


 If this is news to you – we really must catch up when we get home!!!  So, why are we going?  I really don’t know!!  It doesn’t feel like a decision that I made, but more something that is just happening at this point in our life.  It is a ‘living’ experience more than a ‘tourist’ experience and we’ll just have to see what it entails.


Last week I spoke with my friend, Ines.  She and her partner, Rob, are veteran Santiago di Compostela pilgrims.  Ines spoke of the 7 stages of a pilgrimage, the first 4 being before you even start!  They sounded so familiar.


The first stage is the yearning.  The longing for something to happen or to be in a certain place.  Sometimes not even knowing what it is that you are yearning for, and if even if you do, not comprehending how it can occur or how you could possibly move beyond the fears that keep the yearning so distant and painful.  I remember a conversation with Gitesha a while ago, my conclusion being that, that deep yearning, when aligned,  is not a hankering for something in the future to happen but instead, an intuition of what is already unfolding right now – the yearning is the slow revealing of something that already is.


The second stage is the commitment to manifest that yearning.  To let the dream hit the earth.  I remember clearly the day that it dawned on me that I was actually going to do this, that I really didn’t seem to have any choice – it was like a bull-dozer bearing down on me.  In that moment of overwhelming doubt, Glyn knocked on the back door!  In a quiet and aligned space, what I actually already knew was confirmed – the yearning was now a reality.  There had been a crash landingJ.


The third stage is the planning.  I have slowly and progressively moved through this stage.  Perhaps it is more true to say I have watched this stage slowly and progressively occur, without much effort on my part at all!  However, this week I can feel the tentacles of anxiety and ‘last-minuteness’ attempting to worm their way in – attempting to disturb my peace!


The fourth stage is the departure.  We are nestled snugly between the third and fourth.  A couple of weeks ago my focus was abruptly brought back to the present.  Some things are not finalized, but we are not in the planning stage anymore so I’ll be interested to see how they are going to organize themselvesJ.  With that withdrawing back into the now, all possibility of building expectations has been sharply eliminated.  The closer departure comes, the further away it seems to get.  I remember a very similar experience in the weeks before leaving for Israel.  The willingness for all potentials to reveal themselves in good time – without ME in the Way.  Having said that though, the most essential item to be packed in an accessible place in my backpack is Resuce RemedyJ.


Au Revoir and Aufwiedersehen!!

Lisa, Sabrina and Phoebe

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Hey! Go, Lisa! Remember that you never actually 'get there'. I found a lovely article on pilgrimage today for Rob's talk. It's in the air and all around us.

  Ines Jul 3, 2007 6:58 PM


hi Lisa, Sabrina and Phoebe

yes, of course your are welcome in our home in Stuttgart!
For making sure that we are there at the time of your choice just let me know when you would be coming to visit us..!

Hope you are all well?

love, muriel*

  muriel magg Jul 3, 2007 8:29 PM


Let our love surround you 3 "Thompson Girls" as you depart on your great adventure. Enjoy it to the max!

  Mary Minster Jul 4, 2007 10:24 AM


Hey Lisa, your webmail obviously works very well. In case we dont't meet again before you leave: enjoy your trip!

Viel Spaß, Ferdi

  ferdi Jul 4, 2007 6:14 PM


Hi Lis ---you are the queen of cool with this web site !
I have always enjoyed and been inspired by your blogging so am happy to join you three wonderful young ladies on another adventure .
The love of the one heart journeys with you
Blessings Gaye

  Gaye Jul 5, 2007 2:32 PM

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