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Climbing practice

Climbing practice

I dislike the expression ‘well travelled’. It sounds too much like ‘well educated’. It makes me picture a square box, with far too regular sides, too smooth a surface too. Life is bumpy, rough, colourful, changing. Born French and now Canadian too, I did travel quite a lot though since I am a teenager, and that is only the beginning.

I like spur-of-the-moment activities, and love meeting locals and discover how they live their life. How do you cut a tomato in Costa Rica? How do you wash your hair in Bali? and how does it compare to Nunavut? I am curious of all details, but never in an intrusive fashion. Resourcefulness, adaptation and respect are key to me in every moment of my life.

NATURE! and trekking as well as any outdoor activity is what drives me. Lately I have travelled solo for 6 months, tried Alpinism in Sikkim and Nepal, been part of the team that discovered Haiti’s deepest cave; I am soon going to tackle crocodiles in Africa…. Adventure is definitely a part of my life. As well as discovering artists, whether dead or alive, and art in all its forms.

But taking a good beer in a bar and enjoying a meal with friends are also great pleasures!

Above all, sharing with people is what drives me. I have been volunteering for a great new online platform for engaged travel since 2012: Travelwithamission.org.  Travellers of the world should definitely check it out. It aims to connect those who are traveling and are willing to share their knowledge, skills or experiences (called Twamers) with those who can offer a public (schools, universities, hospitals, NGO, companies, etc. – called Twamhosts) so that they can meet each other.

I also happen to be a specialist in sustainable development, so I am also interested in all those new initiatives springing all over the world to make it a better place to live in.

Let's add more life in our years, than years in our lives!

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