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The long way home

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OK everyone click clack front and back - no I mean seat belts!!! we are the most blessed parents ever !!!

OK everyone click clack front and back - no I mean seat belts!!! we are the most blessed parents ever !!!

Some months ago my husband and I hit a wall (metaphorically!), we've never really just hit anything, we collide head on with bumps on lifes road and this time we nearly called it quits.  It was also 10yrs since my sister had died, my oldest sister Karen, we had decided to celebrate her memory with our family out west where she was buried and spend the weekend together.  It was a long drive, with an 18mth old baby, some may say too long, but long enough to consider giving up the frustrating process of trying to move and deciding instead of packing nearly everything we owned into storage, taking the kids out of school and hitting the wide open roads of Australia.  I am 38yrs old, my husband and I have known each other for over 15yrs, it has never been easy.  In one 12 mth period, we watched our baby boy suffer and die from a brain tumour, my sister died and two of our friends; our life felt like a roller coaster we couldn't stop.  So here we are trying to make the most of what we have and believe me what we have has nothing to do with things,if it were they wouldn't be packed into boxes into a storage bay, life is about so much more.  In the end all those things mean nothing if you don't have anyone to spend your life with, what we would give for one more day with those we have lost.  Life is truly too short and the world too beautiful, inspiring and full of untapped adventure to let it pass by whilst we accumulate more things. I'm an Aries, my husband a Scorpio, life has been anything but boring.  We are both seasoned travellers, but never been brave enough to give it all up for one day at a time until now.  Right now as I'm finally finding time to sit and type this out, cruising up the east coast of Australia I couldn't think of anywhere else I would rather be.

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