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About thegeordie

I guess I've been a nomad for a long time - my friends and family all came to see me off on my first journey when I was seventeen. Forty years later, they've long stopped even saying goodbye -some of my friends probably dont even notice where I'm emailing from.  I connected with the word 'nomad' one day in a workshop for Irish Traveller women. I was one of the trainers and I should have been paying attention but then this definition of a 'nomad' came up and I realised it was me. I always thought that I just had a short attention span on life - maybe its the same thing. But my heart is always in the same place - I'm a Geordie and my heart is black and white - I bet there's not many nomads on this site who talk about football!

I'm currently writing a book called '42 Houses and a Tattie Shed' - about all the houses I've lived in - I mostly live and work in places as I never have any money to actually have a holiday. I currently live in Bulgaria but right now I'm working in China.

What do I stand for?? Visions of Mel Gibson crying 'Freedom' come to my head but maybe 'freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose' - no.... more important is recognising that the only person who makes the ties that bind us, is yourself. anybody can do anything they set their mind to - life is too short to wait till next year or wait till your friends are ready.....just do it.    

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