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Orchard Musings

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Canada | Sunday, 17 October 2010 | 5 photos

My photos tell the story of my first experience in an orchard. I found the Petch Orchards in Hemmingford, Quebec, to be a beautifully magical place - particularly after the heavy rains over the three days prior to my visit brought gorgeous shades of green to the fields. I spent the afternoon wandering the orchards, constantly feeling like I was in a piece of literature, and taking photographs to document my experience. Beginning with the barn at the entry to the orchards, I made my way through the plethora of apple trees and bushes, pumpkin patches and trails and wound up with some amazing inspiration and a whole lot of apples.

I feel that I would not only benefit greatly from being selected for this competition, but would bring a new flair to the project. I have an intensely strong desire to learn and will take in every little detail I receive to strengthen my work and become a better photographer. My motivation is strong, and I will be determined to spend hours in one location if it means that I can get a beautiful shot that captures not only what I would hope for, but more.

Finally, I feel that I must mention my thorough fascination with the Kingdom of Bhutan. I find the nation so very intriguing with its introversion and mystery, having spent much of my spare time trying to uncover its true nature. I have found that it is not only the breathtaking landscapes and unique architecture that makes Bhutan a cultural and historical marvel, but also its people and their strong, unique culture. I believe that photographically, there is endless opportunity in Bhutan and so many images that can show the world the beautiful reality of one of the most mysterious nations in the world - its land, its culture, and the fine detail in its way of life that nobody ever knew.

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