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Small fragments of Vietnam

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Vietnam | Sunday, 30 October 2011 | 5 photos

My passion for photography is a sequence of paradoxes. I have never had my owned camera. All the photos I took were from borrowed cameras. Additionally, I majored in engineering – a realm that was thought to be rigid and unrelated to photography. I used to think like that. Even worse, I had an aversion to photography because to me, photography was a playground for the rich to show their modern cameras or for the pundits to display their photo-editing skills. My prejudice to photography would not be eradicated had my best friend not shown me her photos that were taken by an old Pentax. I wondered why she could express my homeland – Vietnam – so plainly but beautifully with that old camera. Since then, I have begun to be curious about photography. First time picking the camera up, the familiar homeland in front of me seemed to unfold itself with my inexplicable zealous emotions. Zephyr flicked on the foliage, dry leaves cracked under my feet and fragrance of flowers mingled in the world around me. Everything mixed together to make an amazing world that I quickly got lost in. As I delved myself more in photography, I realized more about values inside photos. “A photo is worth a thousand words.” Behind each artistic work are long stories, reflections on life value and deep feelings that could be forgotten. However, with my constrained self-taught knowledge, I hate myself for not having enough ability to expose the inside aspects of objectives. Therefore, I want to join this journey to improve my photographic technique and to learn experiences from Mr Jason Edward. Then returning to the community, I can materialize my dream of promulgating Vietnamese culture through beautiful photos. It may sound cliché but why I cannot dream and work enthusiastically for my dream.

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