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The adventures of Sy ollow the adventures of Sy as she roams the globe in a hot air balloonm, coming down to earth only to dine on the finest cuisines the world has to offer, and maybe a beer or two. Stay tuned for tantalizing tidbits, fantastic photos, and a few randon musin

About sy

Hi there, I am sy, 24 years young and travelling the world to the best of my ability.

After a particularly disasterous and hard year in 2007 I decided that the best way to get a fresh perspective was to pack my bags and jump on the next plane out of Sydney. Ok, not literally the next plane, but you get the general idea.

Come January 2008 I was sitting on said plane departing my fair land in search of new and exciting adventures.

I am travelling for an undecided period of time, and the destinations are being chosen mere days before I land there. This comes down to a basic lack of decisiveness, and the fact that my organisational skills are severely lacking, and not to mention the fact that I can't commit to doing anything or going anywhere more than 24 hours prior to the event. This tends to make things difficult/interesting for me, and so far has resulted in some funny, scary, bizarre and altogether insane events.

This trip is as much about exploring new destinations as it is about letting my tastebuds roam free on local culinary delights, and lets not forget the alcoholic beverages!

So here goes...

My Travel Map: