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The Hong in Hong Kong

HONG KONG | Thursday, 3 Jan 2008 | Views [325]

Well, the end is nigh. I arrived in Hong Kong about 3 hours ago. I have just 2 days to explore and conquer. So far, I have walked around the block! Hong Kong is rather... um, erm... colourful.

Tags: Adventures

Not so merry

MALAYSIA | Sunday, 30 Dec 2007 | Views [335]

Uugh. Kuala Lumpur has become the definate low of the trip. There is a definite appeal from the beautiful beaches and hills of Malaysia, but KL is lacking any real gems. The accommodation has been the worst yet. I have been bitten six times since arriving, ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

The stars don't shine so brightly

MALAYSIA | Friday, 28 Dec 2007 | Views [317]

Okay, yeah. We recently arrived in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. It's such a dramatic difference from Phnom Penh, not only for the obvious disparity in wealth, but the sense of order. We spent our final morning in Cambodia visiting an orphanage.... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Phnom Penh

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 26 Dec 2007 | Views [337]

Merry Christmas yáll. We've been in the capital, Phnom Penh for the past two days. 'PP' is a crazy place. Poverty is rife and the roads are chaotic. Still, we have a great guesthouse and we've been keeping busy with the local... um, attractions. So ... Read more >

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The wow of Angkor Wat

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 23 Dec 2007 | Views [305]

Damn, 'twas an early start - 4:45am wake up - but it was worth it. We hired a tuk tuk and driver for the day and made our way through the dark to Angkor Wat. The sunrise was a little disappointing as the light wasn't great. All-in-all, Angkor is spectacular.... Read more >

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Bright lights... of Cambodia?!

CAMBODIA | Sunday, 23 Dec 2007 | Views [351]

And here we are, resting in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The journey from Bangkok turned in to something of an epic adventure. This was mainly due to the time it took - 8 hours in total. This left us all a rather fatigued and shaken (Cambodian roads). Thankfully, ... Read more >

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Bangkok, a go-go

THAILAND | Friday, 21 Dec 2007 | Views [314]

So here we are. At destination number one. On first impressions,Bangkok is crazy. There's an obvious city feel, as testified by the skyscrapers, but as you head towards the suburbs, the sprawling tropical trees bring a definite sense of jungle. ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

The final throes of pa... packing.

JAPAN | Thursday, 20 Dec 2007 | Views [522]

Here I sit. The repositories of my memory have been have been heavily thumbed. But the question still lingers... have I packed everything? I guess the essentials are safely tucked, squeezed and packed, so sleep can come knocking on my door. We ... Read more >

Tags: Packing & gadgets

Pre... well, pre many things, including depature.

JAPAN | Monday, 17 Dec 2007 | Views [355]

And here it is! Woop woop, another rip-roarin' travel blog; freshly baked and oozing enthusiasm ... optimism ... um, apprehension and a spike of trepidation. We leave in three days.

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