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My Backpacking no-longer-at-uni Adventure Finished Uni, not sure what to do, off overseas...

About susiekenzie

I have recently finished an Arts degree however I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up... All I know is that I like writing, riding, sport in general, a good soy latte, correct use of grammar, getting out of the city as much as possible, most TV shows and great shopping!

So I am off on an adventure first to the US of A for Camp America at Lake of the Woods in Michigan. While I know very little about children I luckily have a large, usually useless, amount of knowledge about horse riding, which, coincidentally, is what I will be teaching.

I then intend to scoot around the many states with my new camp friends before meeting a friend in Paris in September! I have learnt French for seven years and finallement I am going to get a chance to use it in a real, non-classroom environment.

After that... we shall see!

Then I will come back home to Oz and see if I know what I want to do... Probably more travelling.

I have travelled in Australia, mostly around Victoria, and went across the Tasman in 2007 to the South Island of New Zealand with uni mates. An eight day, fast forwarded trip. All eight days were amazing.

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