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Susan and Sarah Do Asia i everyone, this is a journal maintained by Susan AND Sarah about our travels in Asia together. We will start by talking of pervious trips and then we'll start our planning and whatnot for our BIG trip. We are editing and writing this journal together a

About susanandsarahdoasia

We are: Susan: I'm currently 24 years old and living in the north of Thailand. I've got 9 months left as a volunteer teacher and comunity developer here. I love traveling, especially through Asia and an having a great time living and working in a Thai community! I miss my horses and can't wait to get back to them! I like reading new and interesting books, watching good movies and TV series. i love a wide variety of music. I enjoy everything from Blues and Jazz, Funk, rock, Punk, Heavey Metal, etc...the only music I really don't like is Pop. I like easy, cheap travel. I enjoy small guest houses, public transportation, short walking tours and esay bike rides. I like to take it easy and relax, finding the things to stop and take time to really look and relax is where I do my best traveling and experiencing. Sarah: (To be filled in later by Sarah)

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