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My Scholarship Entry 2012 - Sunda Kelapa, Stench yet catchy Sunda Kelapa port, holds some stories and more.

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Indonesia | Monday, January 14, 2013 | 5 photos

To capture a scene to be memorable forever is a joy. That is my motto. I always like to take a picture to add to my picture collection. I guess most people are too.
But not all of them have the necessities. Basic technic and and composition mostly ignored so long as you could snap any kind camera (these days it is likely a smartphone) and a picture is taken.
To me, a memorable picture do come if you put some effort on it. That is way most of my friends and relatives tend to ask my take pictures for them. So why would not they took it themself?
That occur to me that they lack the basic necessities. That is way I have always helped them on basic technic and composition in order to take a memorable pictures.
But then, I thought, why don't I start a photography club where we could all share basic knowledge and expand them together and share my knowledge though it is not on professional level, but we could grow the skills together and to anyone that needs them.
A photo club that could help most people in my community to take better memorable pictures most of the time, it is my personal mission at the moment. So that everyone could earn their own joy.
Should I win this scholarships, I could share it to anyone in my community capture their own joy as well.

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