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Your City is my Playground our City is my Playground is a story of brotherhood and camaraderie covering the recent fad in crane hoping. The story covers the adventure of two friends in their search of the perfect city vantage point. Bound by no rules or laws these two friends dare

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My name is Stuart Davis I'm twenty two years old and currently studying a BA Photography at Sheridan College. I have experience with 4x5, 6x9, Mamiya, and Phase back, capture one. I have experience filming and producing video's with a DSLR and Premier or Final Cut. I also have experience using strobe's and combining different types of light, and light modifiers. During the summer I work as a fly fishing guide in British Columbia, I live to be outside and immersed in nature. At the age of 18 I fell in love with photography and the idea of showing people what they may never get to see. It became about capturing images and telling stories and creating dynamic photo's that stimulated and puzzled the mind, I wanted to push the boundaries and explore places that only few have seen or touched. I wanted to take these experiences and share them with the world as the idea of sitting behind a desk haunts me. Im passionate, patient, adventurous, and driven all while remaining calculated. Im a team player with great social skills and street smarts. The wilderness is where my heart lies. This scholarship would be a huge learning experience for me and I feel I could offer a lot as an assistant.


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