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UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 1 September 2010 | Views [304]

Sorry to keep you all waiting! I know its been a while. What a long strange trip its been so far... I finally have time to sit and write. Why? because my 4 hour layover in London turned into 4 days..wich now officially is going to be 7-14 days. I am the only person in the world it seems that did not know you need a visa for India ahead of time (something 2-3 days if I got it in the U.S.) All the Indians here at the airline and the visa place are like are you serious? and Im like yes. Sorry I didnt get the memo that I need to apply for a visa like im applying for a car loan or something. I should have figured a country so poor would want to make a few extra dolloars on who ever visits. You learn something new everyday!

Heres a quick re-cap of where Ive been. Im not sure where we last left off but I met my friend in Rome from the states, it was her first time in Italy let alone Europe. So we went up to Florence- then Chianti and Sienna..and a few other towns I dont remember the names of but it was Tuscany and it was amazing. After we went to Ponza. As I look back I have great memories with my friend. I only wish I knew they were great times because I wanted to strangle her at many points through our adventures. (Mouse  No offense..but you know this is true..)Constant bickering like a married couple..but we survived and had a ball!  So after she went to Rome to fly back to the states, I flew to Germany to visit my cousin Joe. I should have went straight to India but had the travel bug and want to see everything!. So My cousin meets me at the airport in Dusseldorf and we go about a hour into a town that isnt really German..its more Turkish and Muslim..Very interesting. Ohh..as I get off the plane Im the only one in shorts and a t shirt thinking its going to be summer like Italy and it was actually freezing cold..so I wrapped myself up in my handy free Delta blanket that I had in my bag. So for a week, I was in a basement apartment with my cousin that loves to smoke. My allergies were a mess. I was eating kababs and Doners wich are typical muslim food there and really couldnt find anything german...and it turns out shnitzel isnt anything exotic like I imagined..its a fried pork patty basically. mmm no thanks.. Ok fast forward a week of that and I decide since Amsterdam is only 2 hours away by train I have to go! I mean Have to go..no choice there...

Amsterdam is the most amazing city ever. Im in love and want to go back and spend more time there at some point in my life. Forget what you hear about drugs and sex and crazyness. Now imagine a city that is pedestrian friendly and bike friendly and has loads of transportation like the subway, bus and trams. There are more bikes than people and the family car there is a wheelbarrow type bike with a giant holding area in thr front loaded with kids. Nice Dutch familys ringing there bells to alert the tourists that yes they are in the bike lane and will get hit if they dont get out of the way! Ok so also there are canals all over the place so it seems everywhere you turn you cross over a bridge or walk along a canal wich is sooo pretty and relaxing. As far as drugs and sex, yes you can buy a joint in a coffee shop but its not in your face like you would think, usually you see young hippy types smoking and chilling out talking sharing ideas. The sex part really is just the red light district wich is quite classy..its a street with a small window at street level and there is a girl in a bikini type outfit smiling hoping to get a customer to come in. Literally haha.... They dont bother anyone...its very amusing. So..I couchsurfed for the first time where you meet someone from another part of the world than you and sleep on their couch. In exchange, for the couch you make a new friend and get inside info on the city that noone else would know. My host Marc was the nicest guy with a super cool apartment in Amsterdam. He taught me how to make sushi (wich is easy and cant wait to make at home) and I taught him patience LOL..He did come out of his way to help me when I was lost with my bag of groceries..It is a confusing city I will say..I got lost many times..but its my favorite place ever. So this brings us up to the part where I talk to my friend in India, I buy the ticket online and 2 days later I fly for a layover at Heathrow Intl. Airport for a 4 hour layover. Then im to land in Dheli 9 hours later and take a 10 hour bus ride to the base of the Himilaya mountains to meet my friend that is patiently waiting for me. Well That was the plan and heres ther reality. I make my transfer on my way to the new plane and cannot board because I have no visa. What? a visa..So that was friday night and sat and sunday the embassy is closed. It also turns out that monday here is a bank holiday (im trying to find out what holiday it was and not a single person knows but everything is still closed). So Im to wait till tuesday and everyone tells me the visa should take 2-4 days... So Im walking around the airport hungry, confused..and needing some sort of plan.

Then I spot them. The nicest barefoot, dreadlock good energy people I could ever meet at a airport. So I chat and have some dinner. They were there picking up their father and his plane was delayed 5 hours and they were in the pub waiting..and waiting.. So I was invited to come home with them until I sort out my situation. We meet the dad and his wife and pile into the V W van (me in the trunk)  (in a foreign country lol) and drive a hour, and we talk more and go to sleep. I awake in a Dream. Ive been transported back 400 years to an old English Estate that is right out of a fairytale. They work for the Organic farm that is set up on the estate and live in a cottage just next door to the main house. Im in awwww... A river, horses, a stable, a boat house, a main house, tons of cottages with workers for the farm, and a huge organic garden bursting with fresh fruits. Pinch Me..actually please dont!  So Im meeting all sorts of artists and musicians that live on the estate and the other night we had a party. And Im thinking a party like back home with a keg and bad music and people getting trashed and passing out. Nope not here, it was like the commercial from hidden valley ranch with lots of vegis, face painting and everyone playing intrumnets like the flute, guitar, claironet, tamborine and fiddle. As it gets dark we light a fire and all camp around it..some are singing old folk songs..its Brilliant! (the word everyone says here) 

So today is tuesday, I just got word that my visa will take 7-14 days and now arranging where Im to stay (possibly talking to the man in charge of the farm and asking to work in exchange to stay till my visa arrives) also my friends around the world are calling friends they know in London if I can stay with them..So if you know anyone that I can stay with in London..please send them a email for me :)

I will upload pictures at a later time- Im getting tired and cranky xoxo ..need..food..


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