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ITALY | Saturday, 10 July 2010 | Views [275] | Comments [2]

I am sitting at Adrianos (my cousins) work place on a terrace overlooking the Sardinian country side. There is a nice breeze, I am in the shade and do some writing in my journal. My tummy is full from the latte and nutella filled pastry that we had at the cafe in the park next to his job. He had to come into work to do some prep work (he is a pizza man) and so I brought my sack with books and music- to relax. Two days ago we went the the beach and it was amazing. Emerald green water and the mountains were in the background. My cousin went in with a fishing spear gun and cought 2 dragon looking fish that we had for dinner that night.  I used skype on my mobile using the internet and made some calls that went through great for 3cents a minute. I think Im going to stay here for 5 more days and then going to Ponza the island my family is from. My friend in India is not doing so great and the airline lost her luggage. We will meet up at some point in the trip just not sure when. She wants me to rush out now to meet her but its too expensive to go now since I want to stay here some, then migrate in that area. I have a cousin in Germany and think I may visit him since flights are cheap. At night after my cousin gets out of work we go out to the bars and meet up with his friends. All the Euro guys are so open and not macho (at least my American standards)- they wear man bags and fanny packs and kiss each other on the cheek and ride 2 guys on 1 motorcycle or scooter- that would never be seen in the states. Im totally loving it. I feel like I belong here more and more. Though my gaydar is really off because its really hard to tell whos gay and whos not- but what ever Im here to visit family and relax and that is what I'm doing. As I listen to everyone talk at the bars I hear that the economy is bad, there are no jobs, they hate their jobs and there is nothing to do for fun. The world cup is always a topic of discussion with whom ever you meet- and it seems everyone has a tattoo or piercing and no one thinks anything of it. Sorry my entry is not so great because I'm still recovering from last night- which was a fiasco! We went to some hole in the wall bar that the theme was caskets and bones kinda dark and goth but fun. Later in the night there were words said between 2 groups of girls and the next thing I know the entire bar is outside watching a fight! I mean hair pulling, nasty Italian words being said, even a few punches! I just sat there in aww and took it all in. Eventually the guys jumped in to hold the girls back...It was fun but im not really into fighting so I was glad when we finally went home at 6am! and then I had to run errands with my other cousin at 9am so I should take a nap because tonight I am working with my cousin at the restaurant helping him with the pizzas. Pizza here is a art that takes time to make, then after its cooked needs more time and attention because they add more gourmet stuff to it- and everyone orders there pizza a particular way (kinda like when we go to starbucks and say all those crazy words to order some crazy concoction)which takes lots of time from the pizza man. So I will be assisting, working the brick oven, turning the pizzas and taking them out of the oven- getting paid 40 Euros about 60$ us dollars..that's fine with me since things are so expensive here.  Everyone complains about gas prices but they pay 1.45 a litter, and I think its 4 litters to a gallon so they are paying about 5$ a gallon for gas.  Something else I notice is it seems that the health craze thats sweeping the states has not hit here at all- they all (75%) smoke cigarettes and prefer soda to water- I tried ordering a bottle of water because its what I like- and was forced to get something like juice or soda by my cousins boss..I didnt want to offend his generosity..Whatever- Im off to take a nap and get some rest before work tonight :)
Not a bad place to do some writing

Not a bad place to do some writing



Sitting at a terrace in Sardinia overlooking the countryside writing your blog and eating mmmmmmmmmmm..............nutella pastry? Life sure looks like it might be tough for you Mike....you need any help????????????

  Lisa Jul 12, 2010 7:23 AM


Hi Michael, delighted to see you're having a great time and enjoying your vacation. Enjoy reading your journal, and seeing the pictures. Wish I was there too! (smile) Have fun, we'll see you in September.

  sarah Jul 13, 2010 11:32 PM

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Not a bad place to do some writing

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