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A Travellers Guide To My Fav Travel Sites And Apps

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 16 September 2015 | Views [801]

Travel Plans 

So today has been a productive day 
I have just booked a few more travel adventures 
for November and December 
To Copenhagen And Helsinki 
So if anyone loves there who reads this then defiantly let me know 
I viewed my blog I stats 
And seem to get a lot of page views from 
The country of Brunei so 
If anyone from Brunei reads this post 
Then come and say hi 
Would love to know more about the country 
Drop me an email
Or tweet me @SHalbhuber 
Right now to the post 
I wanted to tell you lovely people 
About the sites and mobile apps that I use for travels 
Now back in January when I travelled to Sweden 
I heard about an Airline Called 
@Fly_Norwegian on Twitter 
They are a low cost airline and 
Provide cheap flights around the world
Flying from all UK airports 
They fly to over 57 destinations from the UK alone 
They even include as far as Los Angeles, Dubai and BangKok
So since joining there reward program 
I have travelled to 
New York
And many more in the future 
If you are looking for lost cost travel 
In and around Europe 
Or looking for places as stop overs then definitely check them out 
There website is easy and quick to use 
The airline is cheap because you are 
literally paying for your seat on the plane 
Then price goes up when you start to 
add bags and if you want to pre book a seat 
or food on the plane but using it for short haul flights you don't need to 
I have booked my USA trip through them and 
With return flights and seats and meals 
It cost less than £450 per person 
It is an absolute bargain 
They also have a great app 
Which allows you to manage ur bookings and 
With the use of technology you can keep all
Your flights and your tickets right on ur phone 
Using it is easy when checking in to flights you scan the QR code 
Given when the flight is booked and aves you carrying 
Loads of pieces of paper about with you 
It's all on your phone or tablet 
It's all really handy and reduces stress levels when travelling all the time 
Everything is in ur hand when you need it 
Link for app 
Norwegian Travel Assistant by Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
Next is the mobile app I use to book all my hotels 
That I stay in whilst I am travelling abroad 
Hotel booking and last minute hotel deals . by Hotels.com
Link for App below 
Now I have been using the app 
as it's easy to book whilst I'm on the go 
and again they have a loyalty membership 
which allows you to collect free nights 
at stays in hotels worldwide 
I like the fact that 
All the facts and details are there in front of ur eyes 
The booking procedures are great and easy 
It takes upto 2 minutes max to make a booking 
All hotels come with descriptions and photos 
Reviews and details that you will need to know 
about the hotel or apartment or hostel 
That you have booked 
and even gives lists of things to do in and around where you are staying 
Now there are literally hundreds of sites that people could use 
But these 2 are my selected favourites 
And just wanted to let people now 
Keep to date with everything going on 
All my links are below 
Go and subscribe to it NOW !!!!!
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Main YouTube Channel 
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