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Tribulations of a swiss guy From solo to family travel, or things that happen when you meet the right person on the road. And how we're transmitting the travel bug to our children.

About steph

Life is funny sometimes. Mine was following the mold. I grew up in a small town in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. Life was all about basketball for me back then. Later, my first employer sent me to the US for two years, and it was a tremendous experience. After moving back home, I settled into life like everybody else. I had a good job, a car, and a nice place to live. In other words, the average Joe. I used my vacation time as well as I could, filling my backpack for all of a couple of weeks a year. But then something went wrong. I started thinking about this life. Was it really what I wanted? What I dreamt of when I was a kid?

Not really. I didn't want to be a firefighter either. Being a kid, I wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to fly, to go away. Well, becoming a pilot didn't happen, but I still wanted to see other places. I wanted to travel. So something in the life I was leading had to change. I wasn't going to make everybody's mistake and say that I'll have plenty of time to do everything I wanted once I'll be retired. It had to be now. And now for me was April 2005. Quit and sold everything, packed light, and gone I was.

This trip around the world has changed my life in more than one way. I never made it to Japan as I had planned (although it happened some years later, but that's another story). Instead, I met a Dutch girl somewhere on the Mekong, and she ended up being the woman I would marry and have a family with. Our wanderlust genes are well present in our kids: they already ask to see other places, be it next door or on the other side of the world! Our adventures are thus far from being over.

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