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Uyuni, Salt Flats, Laguna Colorada,Verde&Blanca, Susques, Salta

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 6 February 2010 | Views [2820] | Comments [1]

Hello hello from Sunny Argentina.. The cold Peruvian and Bolivian days at high altitude are over and I think we are all happy to change the warm fleece for a skirt and a top! You have no idea what a difference there is between these two countries and Argentina. You cross the border and it is like stepping into another world. The cars are more modern, the shops, the way the people dress... Everything is way more modern in Argentina. In bolivia I sometimes had the impression that the concept of a supermarket does not really exist but that you buyy everything on the street... Likewise BIG change in toilet quality.... I never thought that I would appreciate a loo that much... but trust me after having had so many stomach problems with the Bolivian food we are all very excited to be using what we would describe as a ´normal´toilet´.. likewise eating whatever we want.. in Bolivia and Peru you tended to have to stay away from uncooked vegetables and fruit as their water quality and hygiene are not as good as in other countries...

So what have we been up to? After a long drive from Potosi we arrived nin Uyuni from where you can take excursions to the Salt flats which was absolutely AMAZING. we had so much fun out there as you can take loads of funny pictures and the effect on the salt was really cool. As we are still in rain season the sky and the nearby mountains reflect on the salt which looks really beautiful... The next day we had another full day drive climbing again up to almost 5000 meters to visit the Laguna Colorada, Verde and Blanca in the very southern bit of Bolivia.. The Scenery is absolutely breath taking. I think it was probable one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen. No pictures or comments do this place justice, you pretty much find yourself driving in this desert surrounded by mountains and then there are these 3 lagoons. (only 2 of them are close to one another) onje has red waters, the other is turquoise green and the last one has whitish colour.. On them are loads of two different types of pink flamingos.. Its simply stunning. But let me tell you the drive to the Lagoons was not a fun ride… mud roads ( not real ones) with loads of potholes and mud everywhere… the truck broke down a couple of times as well! After a night at one of the Lagoons we crossed over to Argentina and stayed in a little village called Susques and left from there the next day in direction of Salta which is in the Northern part of Argentina.

I absolutely LOVE Salta. Its like the perfect city. Seems really safe, not too big, has parks, is warm, beautiful buildings and cafes and a very nice lake and mountains nearby.- And I love the Argentinians.. They are so friendly and lovely… so easy to get chatting to people.. I thought that this trip is the perfect occasion to try new things so yesterday we all went rafting which was really good fun and after that we went to do canope which was freakin scary… pretty much you roll over this big canyon only being attached to this little cable.. the whole things is about 300m high… you need to keep your concentration otherwise you start spinning which didn’t seem to be like a good idea as you are only tied around your legs and bum… Even after crossing the bloody canyon the 4th time I was still shitting myself. But hey we did it!! Today we went for a little wander in Salta and are heading for Cafayet tomorrow….

This is the link to my Bolivia photos http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=40112&id=272900519&l=8c6cb27e0d



Hallo Stefanie,
wenn man Deinen Bericht liest kann man nur staunen, was Du alles machst, stuerzt Dich von Bergen und suchst fast jede Toelette auf.Hast Du aber nur ein paar stoerende Geraeusche beim Schlafen - ist die Ruhe vorbei. Dir weiterhin viel Spass, keine unnoetigen Toilettengaenge mehr und komm gesund wieder.
Wir freuen uns auf Dich, - jtzt geniesse noch die unterschiedlichen, atemberaubenden Landschaften und Menschen. Marilou

  Marielou Feb 13, 2010 1:06 AM

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