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"Trapped" - Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Philippines | Monday, November 7, 2011 | 5 photos

One of my most treasured memories was when my family and I visited a local zoo - aptly named, Manila Zoo - in which me and my father had a picture with a giraffe. Almost 20 years later, I came back there and saw that it has degraded a bit. The cages are rusty, the animals don’t have enough resources available. And improper handling.

The photos I’ve submitted don’t just tell a story – it’s a Call to Arms. For every Filipino that cares about animals – let’s help drive awareness, let’s solicit funds not just from the government but if we can, to the international audience as well. Let’s help these fellows actually have a "Home".

I’ve joined this competition because I want to be mentored by Jason Edwards. I want to be featured in Nat Geo. I want to go to Africa to meet kindred spirits. I want to be better at wildlife photography because since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated with animals. There's just something in these creatures that I feel I can relate to. Sometimes, people look at me weirdly, mainly because I'd do anything to get my money shot. There were instances wherein: I almost got bitten by an ostrich - because the attendant forgot to lock the door; had a close encounter with a small croc; got ants all over my pants and arms, because I didn't notice that there was a colony near the goats' cage. Well...they say that no pain, no gain. And every scratch and bite was worth it. Because this…is my passion.

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