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Bangkok to Chiang Mai

THAILAND | Wednesday, 9 September 2009 | Views [288] | Comments [1]

Ok so the next morning we went on a tour of the floating markets a couple of hours out of Bangkok. They were insane, floating down a river with a million other boats with ppl screaming things at you left right and center trying to get you to buy stuff. I got away with only buying a small fan (cause I was dying from the heat) but I definitely restrained myself. After the markets we got a speed boat around the rest of the riverbends to see the community who live on houses that are literally on the rivers edge, they wash, go to the toilet and drink all the same water... It was definitely an experience to remember.

That evening we caught the 14 hour sleeper train to Chiang Mai. As it was only $25 you can imagine the state it was in. The lower bunk was the sweet deal but as I picked the top bunk there was some definite suffering. You were held in the top bunk by two pathetic seat belts (no railings) and every move the train made you felt x 894375. It goes without saying that I barely got any sleep that night and by the time the train was running 4 hours late (with no mention from anyone on the train as to what was happening) I was in a fantastic mood. The other amazing part of that experience was that the closest toilet to us was one of those squatting things. I tried not to drink anything so I didnt need to go and broke the seal at 14 hours... awful experience. What made it even more terrible was that after 1500 hours we found a 'normal' toilet at the other end of the cabin :-(

After the train we were VERY happy to arrive in Chiang Mai and it is a beautiful place. The guesthouse we are staying at is only $6 a night and the staff are amazing. We've been following their food recommendations and eating at all these local places we never would've entered amongst the locals and eating like kings usually for no more than $2. We went to the best ice creamery that had political cartooned decor - statues of Ho Chi Min as a rockstar etc and it was great. Last night I was dead by 9 oclock and was up and ready this morning for more adventure.

The ladies who run the guesthouse took us on their motorbikes (me on the back of a motorbike for the first time - still can't believe I did it) to a part of town where taxis are cheaper and they haggled for us which was great. We got a taxi-type car to the top of an enormous mountain with a temple on the top and hung out with some monks for awhile, they blessed us too which was really nice.

Once we got back to the bottom of the mountain we headed to the city center and got some lunch for $1 - the best satay sauce I have ever had. Then we went to the women's prison and bought some cheap slippers and got a foot massage at some crazy markets for $2. After all the shopping we had a much needed beer at the towns Irish pub. There really is one in every town, and there were signs for 'Farangutans' all through it - Farang is the local term for white folk or foreigner haha.

Now back at the guesthouse we've aloe'd our sunburns and are getting ready for a night on the town after some more dinner recommendations. Tomorrow we're doing a jungle trek on elephants and some rafting... more stories soon!



sounds so good! but why on earth restrain yourself at the markets?! naughtyyy


  em Sep 10, 2009 12:05 AM

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