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Possibly not the Final Entry

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 6 Mar 2008 | Views [717]

New Zealand . Hey everyone, Well, after 8 months and 27 days we are back in New Zealand. Back to sunshine, thankfully, beaches, cicadas (oh how surprisingly much I have missed cicadas), friends ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

City of Lights

FRANCE | Sunday, 17 Feb 2008 | Views [922]

Paris, France . From Amsterdam we travelled to Paris and had an excellent four nights being tourists and visiting the big sights. We did not enjoy the coach trip much again. The driver made me feel car sick, took a 45 minute coffee ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

XXX – Sex, Drugs and Tulips

NETHERLANDS | Friday, 1 Feb 2008 | Views [4848]

Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From Berlin, we caught a coach to Amsterdam. A coach will never be our first choice for transportation but, as no airline flew this route and the train cost about a €100 each, at only €91 for the both of us a coach is ... Read more >

Tags: Markets

Gallery: Paris

FRANCE | Thursday, 31 Jan 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Monday, 28 Jan 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Germany

GERMANY | Monday, 28 Jan 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Nearly Arrested

GERMANY | Thursday, 24 Jan 2008 | Views [1657]

Gotzis, Austria, Zurich, Switzerland, Munich, and Berlin, Germany. Hey everyone, Hope you are all well, s or ry f or the delay in updating you all. I managed to write a draft version of our trip up until Germany while away that I ... Read more >

Tags: Scams & Robberies

Frohe Weihnachten and a Happy Silvester

AUSTRIA | Sunday, 6 Jan 2008 | Views [1798]

Graz, Fusenfeld, Gotzis and Innsbruck, Austria. Hey everyone, Merry Christmas to you all and we hope you all had good New Years. We have just spent the last seven weeks in Austria including the last two weeks in Gotzis with Renate's ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Hungry in Hungary

AUSTRIA | Tuesday, 18 Dec 2007 | Views [1215]

Graz, greater Styria, Hungary and Slovenia. Hey everyone, We returned to Graz last weekend and have been staying with Renate again. This Friday we will catch an eight-hour day train to the region of Voralburg to stay with Renate's ... Read more >

Tags: Snow


AUSTRIA | Wednesday, 5 Dec 2007 | Views [3898]

Klagenfurt, Austria. Hey Everyone, We hope you are all well. It has only been a few days since my last couple of updates but since it gets dark, and very cold, here from 4.30 pm I have some free time to spend on the computer and so will write ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Gallery: Austria

AUSTRIA | Friday, 30 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gruss Gott from Graz

AUSTRIA | Thursday, 29 Nov 2007 | Views [2426]

Greetings from Graz. We have been in Graz for four days now but will move on to Klagenfurt tomorrow before we return to Graz later on so I will let you know what we have been up to before I forget. Graz is a beautiful city. It has a population of 250,000 ... Read more >

Tags: Family


AUSTRIA | Sunday, 25 Nov 2007 | Views [2123]

Vienna, Austria. Last week we left Chania, feeling sad about leaving our home for the month. We arrived at the ferry port to go to Athens at 9pm and had to wait till 10.30 for the ferry to arrive. Unfortunately, the wind began to pick up and by 10.30 ... Read more >

Tags: Snow

Gallery: Greece

GREECE | Saturday, 17 Nov 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Crete News & Life

GREECE | Thursday, 15 Nov 2007 | Views [2459]

Chania, Crete. Hey everyone, Hope you are all well? At the moment we are still in our apartment in Chania that we booked for a month. We have enjoyed our month so far but only have three days to go. Our first two weeks of sitting on the beach ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Living in Chania

GREECE | Monday, 29 Oct 2007 | Views [2630] | Comments [1]

Hey Everyone, We have been in our new apartment for over a week now and are getting a bit more of a taste of Cretan life. And yes, people from Crete are known as Cretans. We know the hangouts of some of the stray (or semi-homed) cats and dogs, including ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation

Island Hopping, as they call it...

GREECE | Thursday, 18 Oct 2007 | Views [841]

From Athens we caught the tube from the sparkling clean, almost brand new tube stations to the port. I now love cities with metro systems. No matter what the language, how far away or how weird a place you want to go to, the tube is cheaper than any ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Greece, The Mainland.

GREECE | Friday, 12 Oct 2007 | Views [950]

After our train trip across the width of Italy, we arrived at Brindisi. We managed our first kilometre with backpacks on. Finally managed to find an open ticket office and bought two tickets for a cabin on the ferry. The tickets cost half price because ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

Our sightseeing tour of Italia

ITALY | Thursday, 4 Oct 2007 | Views [818]

Hey everyone, Sorry it has been a while since an update but we have been pretty busy and internet cafes are really annoying! Hope everyone is good? We have just completed 12 days travelling around Italy. We joined the throngs of tourists at all the ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: Italy

ITALY | Sunday, 30 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Barcelona to Nice, with fun on the trains.

SPAIN | Thursday, 20 Sep 2007 | Views [1165]

Two days later we actually made it to Barcelona. On our first attempt at getting there the train was full for two days. So we went back to Geraldine's, reserved two tickets on the phone, and hung around for two more nights. We had a few vino tintos in ... Read more >

Tags: Culture


SPAIN | Monday, 10 Sep 2007 | Views [1881] | Comments [1]

El Contador, Almeria, Spain. Welcome to a world of sunshine, where the almond trees grow, the sky is always blue and the English are invading. We arrived in Spain almost two weeks ago on our Ryan Air flight. After a mad crush to get on the plane ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Gallery: Spain

SPAIN | Sunday, 9 Sep 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Two weeks in Suffolk and another weekend in London

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007 | Views [1494]

For the past two weeks we have been staying with Ol’s aunt and uncle in Suffolk. Staying with three, then two, cats, as, unfortunately, one of them had a mishap on the road, 11 chickens, then 10, as one passed on due to natural causes (we did not eat ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

A Weekend in London

UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007 | Views [588]

The Trip As part of my birthday present, for yesterday, Ol and I spent a weekend in London to see some of the sights. We went down by train from Suffolk, where are staying with Ol's aunty, to London to stay with Ol's cousin Chloe from Friday afternoon ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

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