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My Scholarship entry - Cappadocia in Relief

Australia | Monday, 14 January 2013 | 5 photos

Travelling in time has been a fascination of fiction for centuries. And I know how to do it. Photography freezes the beauty in a still moment, halting the fleeting fall of the light. I can return today to vivid moments I witnessed years ago.

But photography is not just a chronicle. It accustoms me to notice the details of the world to which years inure us. By seeing these details in a new way I can create art from the world that is right in front of all of us.

After years of working in corporate finance, I discovered on a trip to Europe the confluence of three passions: photography, travel and writing. I self-published a coffee table book of that trip, and have since been preparing to make the leap to travel journalism, attending photography workshops and completing a PGDip in Journalism.

I am constantly learning new techniques. On this ride in Turkey was a professional photographer of fashion and reportage. I learned about portraiture and putting subjects at ease by observing how he worked.

In October I will be travelling to Ethiopia to shoot the tribes of the Omo River valley, and I hope this scholarship could teach me how to do justice to these cultures ebbing to time.

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