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Passport & Plate - Cake - Holy Spirit

Ukraine | Friday, 14 March 2014 | 2 photos

eggs - 2,
sugar - 1 glass,
cacao powder - 2 table spoon,
sour cream - 200 gm.,
condensed milk - 150 gm.,
soda - 2 teaspoon,
flour - 2,5 glasses,
salt - 1 pinch.

sour cream - 800 gm.,
sugar - 1 glass.

sugar - 3 table spoon,
sour cream - 4 table spoon,
cacao powder - 3 table spoon.


How to prepare this recipe
To start preparing bases.
Dry and wet ingredients do separately.
Dry: flour, cacao powder, salt, soda, mix well in a large container.
Wet: Eggs split into whites and yolks.
Lightly beat the egg yolks with half the sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add condensed milk and sour cream.
Lightly beat the egg whites with half the sugar until sugar is dissolved. Not to persistent peaks.Then mix.
Now you need to add the wet to the dry part. Mixx well. Soda is extinguished due to the sour cream and the base will rise perfectly. Consistency: if you raise the spoon, the dough will be stringy.
You need to pour the 2/3 base in to the form - 23 cm. And 1/3 base into - 15 cm form.
Pre-forms must be heated in the oven a little and grease with butter.
Bake need about 180-200C, 20-30 minutes.
First ten minutes of the oven does not open, then you can check the readiness through 15-20 minutes. Your base must rise, and readiness can be checked using a match. When the base is ready match will be dry.
When base is ready, remove it from the oven and let rest.
Do you need a rustic natural sour cream.
Whip through the corolla or mixer, add sugar by parts. Whip to persistent peaks.
Make a cake:
Split the bigger base to two parts. And greasing cream to both parts generously. Then split the smaller base again into two parts. The first part of the base cut into cubes. Pour all the remaining cream, leaving 2 - 3 tablespoons for decoration our pigeon. For the second part, you will need a stencil of dove, and will need to cut along the contour. Of course you can make a stencil that you want, or just the whole second base cut into cubes.
Before putting up the top of the cake, the dove, should make fondant.
Mix sour cream and sugar in a saucepan and bring almost to a boil on tiny fire. Add cacao, again bring almost to a boil . Allow to cool.
Pour fondant on the cake. Put the dove and grease cream. Cake can decorate with peanuts or almonds.


The story behind this recipe
The first cake I baked when I was in 9th grade. We baked it with my mom for the important event. For several years my mom was attending the Catholic Institute named after Thomas Aquinas, and was taking me there every day with her after school, where I listened with mom almost all the lectures, whether Italian, Spanish, lectures on logic, and even theology. It was one of the best period of my life, we met lots of lovely people, and one of them was Father Grzegorz. He is good, bright person with an open mind, became the closest friend and confessor.
Event to which we baked the cake, was the leaving of Father Grzegorz. For merit, he was promoted and was called to work in Rome. And that is why we were wanted to express all the love and gratitude to Father Grzegorz through what was available to us - the cake.
Cake for the Father Grzegorz must be special. And we baked chocolate cake with white dove at the top, where the dove represented the Holy Spirit.
Unfortunately we lost touch with Father Grzegorz, and with this cake I would like to remember all good time in our lives what we spent with him.

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