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Trip: I'm big in Japan

There are [6] stories from my trip: I'm big in Japan

Photos: Cat Cafe

JAPAN | Friday, 18 Feb 2011 | Photo Gallery

Japanese Cafe where the cats run the place.
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Cafe for Cool Cats, or anyone who likes Cats

JAPAN | Friday, 18 Feb 2011 | Views [1564]

Cafes seem to be the new pub. One doesn't meet at a pub for a quick drink and catch up at lunch. Workplace safety has rightly caused a decline in such sinful behavior. It is cafes where we now catch up, gossip, show new facebook photos, create the ... Read more >

Tags: cafes, cat cafe, cats, coffee, japan, neko, pets, rabbit, starbucks, tea

Butlins should not be the 'butt' of stupid jokes

UNITED KINGDOM | Monday, 1 Nov 2010 | Views [793]

Butlins. The name brings smirks and giggles to the faces of many English friends. In fact I would go as far to say they may be mocking me for holidaying in Butlins. As an Aussie I had no idea what Butlins was. Started in 1936 Butlins has been a holiday ... Read more >

Tags: beach, butlins, children, enlgand, holiday camps, kids, minehead, teens, waterparks

This Charming Sale

JAPAN | Friday, 24 Sep 2010 | Views [763]

The main street of Motomachi has transformed. It has changed! One week it is a rather posh shopping street, where people push their little dogs in prams, while browsing the shops and watching the Porsche's drive by, finishing a nice stroll at Starbucks ... Read more >

Tags: japan, louis vuitton, motomachi, sale, shopping, starbucks, yokohama

If The Shoe Fits

JAPAN | Friday, 10 Sep 2010 | Views [2972]

Japan is a fashion watchers heaven and hell. The young and old, the men and the women all seem to take much pride and care into their appearance, whether the look be punk, smart office, looking like doll or a rockstar. It is very obvious that a lot ... Read more >

Tags: fashion, japan, minatonirai, shoe sizes, shoes, shopping, style

Oh the food in Japan!

JAPAN | Tuesday, 7 Sep 2010 | Views [650]

The food in Japan. Coming from Australia a Japanese lunch of sushi, sashimi, tempura and chicken katsu were the norm. Sushi train! What a great idea... I have now been living in Yokohama for 10 months and to be honest... I am a bit over the food. ... Read more >

Tags: japanese food, minatomirai, motomachi, restaurants, yokohama