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My Scholarship entry - Around the World

USA | Thursday, 23 October 2014 | 5 photos

I aspire to see the world. Every bit of it, some way or another. I love traveling. Whether it be living on a sailboat in the ocean for a month, learning about conservation and animals in the middle of a jungle in Mexico or studying abroad in Iceland for a year (which is where my adventures have brought me now). Every one of my travels hold special memories and so I capture them through photography. Not just the tourist aspects of photography, but the people, the atmosphere and the feel of where I am. Anything that can bring me back to that moment in time and portray similar emotions. Like they say, a picture is worth a million words. I have had a little experience working in wedding photography but there is so much involved in photography and so much to learn. I have the basic skills down but I want to learn how to go above and beyond. I am not afraid of a challenge and often find my self getting into the most interesting places, just to try and get the right shot.

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