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My Scholarship entry - travel photography to Oman s journal is a requirement to follow the travel photography scholarship 2012 to oman. This journal contains articles and photographs that I made and I take on every trip I do. happy reading and enjoy my photos. there are still many shortcomings of it al.

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it;s me     :-)

it;s me :-)

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about me and why i should be chosen???

.... asslamu'alaikum and Hi.., My name is fathyari Ichsan Tarigan, I come from Indonesia, aged 21 years. I am a student at a university in the country of Indonesia. I really love photography, I think photography is like water in the desert. I am just an amateur photographer who the picture is still not really good. I am a creative person, i have good attitude, hardworking, i have big motivation to be a good photographer specially to be a travel photographer, able to work under pressure and able to work in a group and I have a strong physical, because I love to travel extreme, such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, through the cave, etc.. I also was an eager to learn, have a high loyalty to the job.

... I am very interested in the events held this travel nomads, as this is a moment I've been looking and waiting. When I read articles about photography scholarship, I was immediately interested and wanted to follow it, especially when I know that it's about travel photography scholarship abroad and one of the sponsors is the national geographic where I was one of the loyal fans who always watch NatGeo travel channel on my TV cable. I immediately remembered with my great dream when I was 10 years old. Crossed in my mind that the door of my dreams will be opened. i go to around the world with a camera around my neck and capture the moment and beautiful places are spread all over the world. I really hope to become one of the participants in travel photography scholarship and i think, i have the right to follow it because I will help the work of Mr Jason Edwards and scholarships partners in hunting pictures and make posts about oman country and contribute to the well through the photos and my writing, i'm sure that. I am so thirsty for great science that I will be later.

... Since I'm 10 years old, i have known the camera. The first camera that i used is my father’s camera, at that time, my father always forbid me to used her camera. but I often use a camera surreptitiously. From then on, I became a lover of photography and considers photography a part of my life. I would argue that every moment I capture with the camera will be a long story that will always be remembered, with photography I can express emotions, feelings, and creativity and logic-the logic required to execute a moment that the people who saw the photo can be issued own imagination and storytelling with a portion of their own. one thing that makes me satisfied and happy is when people give appreciation to my work, as well as to enjoy the picture.I think the value of art that can be emitted from a photo is so many words can describe it. Now, I already have a DSLR camera, which I bought with my money that I saved when I was studying in second class at senior high school. You know guys, I also give a name to the camera. the name was RARA. yeah, i love it so much.

... I studied photography autodidact. by reading photography books in the university library, reading articles about photography techniques from the internet, and asked fellow photography lovers. I've never followed a formal photography education. so, I think that the picture I have not been so good. photography is an art, where the art of photography is dynamic, I really want to learn the basics of photography formally and with competent people, so I can be more creative in making a photograph and i can improve my ability and skill to taking the best photo's. I really wanted to be a photographer, I dreamed of one day when I have the photos are much better, I'll apply for a job to become a photographer in the world travel magazines.

... My greatest aspiration is to be a travel photographer. would go around the world to capture a beautiful, rare moment, building, life outside my country. some destinations that I prioritize is I really want to surround my country Indonesia, capture images from the eastern region, to the western regions, from the southern region, to the north. Other than that, I really want to visit the seven countries listed as the country with the 7 wonders of the world, such as the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Wall of China in China, the Colosseum in Italy, Petra in Jordan, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Mayan civilization site in Mexico , majestic pyramids of Giza in Giza Necropolis. you know? God has given two pairs of eyes are healthy, therefore, I had to use both eyes to see the beauty of nature created by God, and I will capture with my camera.

 "what you see is what you get and what you get is a good photo. 
Good photo is one that you print and then you remembered"
-fathyari ichsan tarigan on sunday morning-



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