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Just me in front of my favorite place: Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Just me in front of my favorite place: Seattle's Pike Place Market.

I am fortunate to live in a city that has access to incredible ingredients. Every day farmers meet at Seattle’s Pike Place Market or at other farmers markets around the city. These places are my grocery stores.

Coming from a Filipino family, food has always been the centerpiece around bringing our community together. I continue that tradition as an adult. I enjoy seeing the joy my food brings to others. Hearing “Mmm!” while someone’s mouth is full with my meal is music to my ears.

Growing up, our family never prioritized traveling as it was always more important to put food on the table. While toiling away at my desk at my law firm, I would often dream of combining my two loves outside of my family: traveling and cooking. 

Before starting a new job, I took solo trips around the world. Almost as soon as I would land I would find a kitchen or a chef willing to teach me to cook like a local. I cooked rice over a fire near Kalibo; made ceviche at elevation in Cusco; made banh xeo in Saigon; and even prepared a four-course meal in the shadow of Sacre Coeur.

The deliberation a person puts into each meal is its “secret ingredient.” I would be honored to share this secret with others through this program. I want to inspire people to immerse themselves into a culture the best way possible: through food. The act of sharing a meal is something that requires no translation. The delight on someone’s face from the first bite, and the phrase, “Mmm!” are part of the universal language of food.

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