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Nomadic Hands

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Monday, September 26, 2011 | 4 photos

I’d love to win the scholarship and improve my photographic skills alongside such a professional as Jason Edwards.
I love photography as it‘s aligned with my passions of creativity and adventure travel. I enjoy taking pictures of nature and culture that may no longer be in existence soon. The assignment would help me to be a better photographer technically, more diverse, and more capable of bringing awareness to people about our earth’s state. I’d also like to share the newly learned knowledge with others. It’d be a great honor to assist Jason through this assignment, listening to direction and focusing with positivity during each task. Through such an experience I could improve my technical skills and photographic diversity. I’d like to create economic sustainability for community projects I run, and sell photos at exhibitions, online or in galleries.
Taken during a volunteer journey throughout South America, they signify the disconnection of monkeys to nature due to human animal’s actions, and each person’s silent longing to reconnect with nature as animals such as monkeys naturally do:
“Just Like You”: A monkey’s (Martin’s) hand lying on top of mine. Taken in a Bolivian animal sanctuary where many animals had previously been mistreated. Martin became a close friend.
“Hitch Hiking” reveals the domestication of moneys within an Ecuadorian Amazon community. Monkeys are tied to poles or sold to the nearby cities. The monkeys face reveals his terror.
“Burnout”: Taken in Tefe, Brazil in a musician’s house, blasting metal music continued daily as the band practiced for a New Years Eve performance alongside the singers pet monkey.
“Returning”: Shot in Ecuador’s Amazon, demonstrates mans capabilities to create useful items such as backpacks, purely from nature.