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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

India | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 5 photos

After having graduated with a Masters degree in Telecommunication, I started to study photography and for this purpose I attended two photography courses. Currently I study Philosophy at Bucharest University from Romania and also I work as an engineer for a telecommunications corporation.
Why do I want to win the scholarship? Well, first of all the destination is great! I love those exotic places where everything is new and where my curiosity increases to maximum. But, more than that I want to win in order to participate to this experience. I consider photography as a way to express your own perspective upon what we agree that reality is and for this reason I am attracted by that representation that tries to combine a personal aesthetic approach with an original subject. Although I am passionate about the photography topics that I find, I didn't overcome the condition of being just a another tourist with a camera in the neighborhood. I want to do it seriously as an assignment and to have guidance from someone who knows what he’s doing. Nowadays, It's about knowing how to build a project to follow certain topics; to go back to places where you realize that you did not come out right and to be guided by someone with experience in the selection of your best images for the story or in choosing the right method of post-processing and presentation.
I do not know if I will choose a career as a professional photographer and it is not so important for me to know it right now, but related to the way I see photography at present, this scholarship is the top opportunity. It is the chance that I have expected and for which I feel prepared.

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