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Jamu cekok kerkop, an old traditions of health

About sharingandinspiring

When I travel and take pictures, I don't expect people to reply it with great complements. I just want them to feel what I feel when taking those pictures, even in the simplest way. For me it is about sharing. Not just the picture, but the story, emotions, and the soul. Furthermore it is the most fitting way to inspire people to do something by touching their feelings..

I have 3 main goal in photography. First, in the midst of chaos world filled with physical and mental illnesses, I want to show, there are still many places out there able to refresh the irritated eyes, calm the tired mind, to treat the fragile soul. For people to maintain their spirit to face their everyday life. Secondly, in the midst of comfort, there are still places that are left behind or marginalized, needed to be given love. So people will remember to be grateful for what they have and realize there are the unfortunate that needed help from others. At last, in the middle of great human inventions, there are places where people are still loyal in maintaining their old traditions that are more respectable than modern ways. For people to remember their true identity and not forgetting their homeland

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