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Well hello there! Bonjour! Hola!

It’s me, Sandy. Also, musically, known as Lola Parks. 

I’m a vivacious, energetic 39-year-old Canadian female tucked in the southwest corner of beautiful British Columbia. I've been lucky to know and see mountains, ocean, trees and temperate air most of my life and I regularly enjoy the outdoors with runs, rides, hikes. Camping, kayaking and climbing are on the "DO MORE" list. 

I'm a world traveler. I've been to over 30 countries, including living and volunteering in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Burma, Haïti, Cuba, Mozambique also get honourable mentions. www.lolitastravels.wordpress.com

I'm a professional singer-songwriter - SOUL FOLK is how I genrify, but my roots are ear&sight, conservatory, jazz and folk rock. Think Norah Jones and Grace Potter and ideally my so-called 'dangerous lyrics' and soulful and sultry voice and melodies inspire you to get up every morning or at the very least FEEL. www.lolaparks.com

After eight years of post-secondary, I may finally be done with the institution of school: psychology, medical anthropology (my fave - question everything and explore medicine and technology through different cultures/perspectives), French (bilingual), English, some Spanish, music business and recording.

I'm a journalist also! I've always been a writer and a lover of words, details, finding errors AND taking photos!From crossword fanatic and amateur writer-photog to journalism certification I've gone. I put music in the passenger seat and told people I was 'going for it all' - journalism, music and adventure travel. I've been supported and laughed at - in earnest, perhaps - and told 'You can't do it. You have to choose one." I disagree. www.sandypowlik.wordpress.com

A few months ago, I was offered a way to dream life: a bread-and-butter, non-hard-news editing job that could enable the time and money to also create/perform/record music and adventure travel. I'm managing editor of a small magazine that aspires to inspire: real people, real stories, inspiring positive change by example: the art of moving forward. www.cellamagazine.com

I get to write, edit, editorialize, plan, find and assign people and stories, take and direct photos. Next is design and layout  and eventually we will do video, of course. And I will do my damnedest to get a travel/abroad/intrepid issue or section once the ball's rolling smoothly! I make my own schedule and can do most of my work from anywhere. Dream job, right? 

Last month, the accountant ran off with all my boss' money, leaving me, others and taxes unpaid. While my boss gets back on his feet, I've been reflecting and exercising. I recently jumped out of a plane and have now attended two native american church tipi meetings. What to do now and next? No money, but time and some skills, and keen to build the toolkit with all things creative, progressive and adventurous; and yes, let's pair everything with music and film!

Interesting stumbling block en route to pursuing and living all my passions - writing, editing, music, outdoors, fitness and adventure travel - yes, okay. I admit I am wondering what did I do? I changed my life, after years of working in pubs (it afforded me travel and some music) to doing music for my living (amazing, rewarding, exhausting, but I plateaued in my lovely small town), to returning to school and now not a dollar to my name. But, this is how it goes sometimes on the path toward passion and adventure. Alas, these roadblocks are the adventure's subtext! And, my friends, the brick walls are there to remind us of what we really want, not to stop us! Now is the time for clarity, positivity, faith and creativity: 'tis the art of moving forward...    

Colombia is #1 on my list of places to go to next, and a wonderful travel guide-writing woman in Cozumel, after hearing of my situation, has offered me to stay with her for a bit in the fall. Perhaps I will! I intend to be fluent in Spanish and want to live in Mexico for a time.

The world at large is amazing. I can't wait to know more of it and learn and share stories - in words, music and film!

I don't know how long this is supposed to be, but enough about me. I'll leave ya be.

Blue skies amigos! 

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