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amazing piece of India-Hampi.

India | Tuesday, November 1, 2011 | 5 photos

Hampi starts from the history of Indian books and guidebooks, when are you going to visit India. Then moving to India, travellers and the Indians themselves tell about this magical place. And despite the fact that this tourist destination, Hampi absorbs you completely. Every day, from sunrise to sunset, passing stone by stone, watching and discovering something new. Divided into two parts connected by the boat for 15 rupees. Surrounded by rice fields and people encountered at every turn, smile and communicate without knowing the English to drink a cup of tea and say:" Namaste! achcha! danyavat!" Embrace the whole of Hampi at a height of 600 steps of the monkey temple. And feel the love, embracing with monkeys and palm trees, sunny India.

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