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Beauty in the details

My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Thailand | Tuesday, 12 October 2010 | 5 photos

Beauty in the Details
– A photographic essay by Saffron Jensen, 11 October 2010.

Seeing the world with open eyes for the first time changed something deep inside of me.

The warmth of a comfort zone has turned numb, pushed to the far-reaches of my mind as I mentally make way to contemplate and inhale the new visions before me. Suddenly everything that I once knew is turned on its head, bearings, language, tastes and temperature all take on a whole new essence.

That is what visiting Thailand evoked inside of me. How could I possibly remember all the smells, colours, faces, textures, flavours in the same purity that I felt whilst being there?

All I could do was find these emotive connections in the details, the clashing hap-hazard colours, the pungent smells, constant drone of motorbikes, hum of the markets and queues of sweating tourists.

Yes, I too was a tourist, but I enjoy the challenge of digging deeper, finding what's unique, or perhaps even just seeing whats right in front of me for its raw and encapsulating beauty. Seeing Thailand in it's everyday state, with fresh eyes.

The series of photographs that I have submitted conveys the story of Thailand how I choose to remember it. A distanced perspective of the colourful moments that resonated inside of me. This was how I want to remember the experiences. Small snippets void of explanation, ready for your own interpretation.

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