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6 months in South East Asia

About seasi

I'm 25, male, from the UK and a qualified Biomedical Engineer.

After 7 years of working as a Biomed, completing a BSc(HONS) in management and a FdSc in Biomedical Engineering I decided to take a break.

I'm in the process of selling my car, I've sold my house and most of my possessions.

I've got 6 months travelling South East Asia.  Starting in Thailand and then following the crowds.  A set route would have been a the logical step, but in reality, logical is not always best.

I want to see the 'real' Asia.  I want to meet the locals and get off the beaten track.  I have a habbit of having some pretty mental adventures, often alcohol fueled.

So why the blog? I've never kept a diary as such, emotions can get distorted and often lost as time passes, by logging how I feel, what I see and make note of the good and the bad then hopefully the experience will remain with me on a better level.

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