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Ethiopia | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 5 photos

These pictures tell a story of individuals in their community, and pieces of life and ritual, very specific to their place and home. Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity is very important to the village, and can be seen in daily life. by jewelry, ritual, and lifestyle. Craft is designed for food, and is beautifully adorned. Food is a part of daily experience, producing it & the levels of preparing it - to be consumed.

I love photography, the art inspires me and brings me to life. There is something so special about the art, and the ability to see magic in a unique moment and capture it. I also love traveling and nature. The earth and the wonders it holds feed my soul. I love to see new places and ways of being. Every time i go to another country or place, a whole new world of experience is presented to me, and i love the act of exploration and immersion.

I have dreamed of going to the Amazon, it both frightens me and excites me. Both the opportunity to go, and with the training of a professional is so exciting. Seeing the wonder of the rainforest, both through my eyes, and my lens, will be amazing. I am thirsty to develop my photography and skill, and to learn from a professional in the field. Pick me! I'm SO keen & eager to learn & adventure.

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