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My Photo scholarship 2010 entry

Worldwide | Wednesday, 22 September 2010 | 5 photos

I am a 19 year old Australian female, currently studying Environmental Resource Management externally in my home town of Mount Gambier, South Australia. Mount Gambier is a small town which is known as the 'in-between town', as it’s halfway between two capital cities: Melbourne and Adelaide. Studying externally allows me to travel and experience aspects that many others I know do not intend to do. The places that I visited have allowed me to broaden my horizons and realise the vast range of aspects that make the world what it is.

The photographs I have submitted are from my hometown as well as journeys that have originated from nothing and turned into everything. These journeys are ones that others may not have the time or resources to accomplish. A friend once told me it’s often the journey to nowhere that takes us somewhere. By living in the middle of nowhere I have broadened my outlook on life and the vast range of locations surrounding me. Everywhere you travel there is a history that can be appreciated, a history that makes the culture and way of life the way it is today. It’s the basis of religion, beliefs and dreams for those who grew up in that location.

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself, and seen a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you. How many moments of other peoples life have we been in. Were we a part of someone's life when their dream came true or were we there when their dream died? Each photograph is an instant in my life experiences that have made me appreciate the world surrounding us. Each image is a constant reminder to believe in the beauty of my dreams and to accomplish them.

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