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Passport & Plate - Fish Gangan ala Belitung Island

Indonesia | Saturday, February 21, 2015 | 5 photos


1. 1 kg Fish (fish ketarap / round fish / fish cakes can also snapper, Kerisi or bloating)
2. 1 pineapple (half-ripe) if you do not like pineapple, it can be replaced with tomatoes or mangoes.
3. Seasoning :

a. big Red chilly : 10 pieces
b. Cayenne chilly (small ones) : 10 pieces
c. Turmeric : 2 humps
d. 2 shrimp paste : 2 tea spoons
e. pecan nuts : 4 pieces
f. Galangal approximately 5 cm
. g. 5 red onions
4. water : 1.25 litters


How to prepare this recipe
1. Choose fresh fish, chop to 4 pieces
2. Peel the pineapple and slice it in big portion
3. Blend the seasoning by means of pulverized (stone) or you can use blender
4. Enter the seasoning and pineapple slices into the pan containing 1 1/4 liters of water, then simmer
5. After the water get boiling enter the fish
6. Add salt
7. Once the fish is cooked, remove from heat and ready to be served.


The story behind this recipe
6 months ago the residence of Belitung invited some travel writers to visit and write Belitung tourism. We also served by traditional culinary of Belitung that most of all made by fish since Belitung produces many fresh fish from its sea, and we can easily find many kind of fish, shrimps etc at traditional market.

I like the taste of "Fish Gangan", because it is very delicious, fresh, spicy but sweet and not smelly and it is easy to cook

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