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Southeast-South Asia Reflections

About sarai-sophia

This is a mother daughter journal with reflections from both my daughter and me on this incredible journey. Tomorrow my daughter, Sophia and I begin a three and a half month journey travelling to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal and India. Tomorrow we will spend a single transit night in Guangzhou for a 23 hour layover, then onto Chiang Mai Thailand. This is a reflective journey for me as I spent 3 years in this area in my 20s. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal teaching math and science to high school students in a small village. I travelled throughout South Asia, and have deep and powerful memories of my Nepali family, my students and the landscape. After I finished Peace Corps, I joined my boyfriend (later to-be husband) Jim working in a Southeast Asian refugee camp, this time teaching English to refugees hopeful that they could be resettled in a third country. 

I was about Sophia's age when I travelled through Asia, so I look forward to seeing it through her eyes as well as my own now 35 year older eyes. I hope to have us both write often - both news of where we are on a particular day, what we are doing, but perhaps more importantly reflections and inspirations, struggles (both internal and external) and joys.

Until tomorrow!




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