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Dhaka Airport Antics

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011 | Views [510]

Leaving Bangladesh is an adventure all of its own. Outside the airport is chaos. Visitors must bay an entry fee to the airport if they want to wave off their loved ones, so most stand in front of the entrances having emotional farewells and blocking ... Read more >

Office life

Monday, 3 Jan 2011 | Views [275]

Booa is always the first to arrive at the office. She is the cook and cleaner so isn’t deemed important enough to carry a key. She sits and waits in the car port for the other staff to come and let her in. She is always dressed in a ratty orange sari, ... Read more >

A quarter of the way through

Sunday, 24 Oct 2010 | Views [456]

Well it’s been three months and I’m still going strong and actually enjoying Bangladesh, despite the heat, traffic and constant illness. If it’s not food poisoning, it’s sunstroke or a resurgence of my long gone asthma thanks to the thick pollution.... Read more >

Wedding Days

Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010 | Views [318]

When my colleague invited me to her wedding I was over the moon. I was picturing beautiful dances, laughter and joy, but the reality was different. In true Bangladesh style, I did not receive the invite until four days before the wedding. It takes ... Read more >


Wednesday, 13 Oct 2010 | Views [243]

It was only as I was trying to leave Dhaka that I realise how much I needed a break from it. It was almost three months into my stay and I thought I’d take the opportunity to have a break and visit my cousin Kate and her husband Paddy in KL for a ... Read more >


Tuesday, 21 Sep 2010 | Views [430]

Shortly after we arrived in Dhaka and started work, it was time for the month-long Muslim festival of Ramadan. Ramadan is the strangest celebration I've ever seen in my life. To start with, it's 30 days long, it takes a lot of stamina and perseverence ... Read more >

Dhaka Daze

Monday, 16 Aug 2010 | Views [443]

We arrived at Zia International Airport, Dhaka, in the middle of the night. We didn't need to stand in the foreign passport aisle for everyone to realise we weren't from around here. 17 young Aussies clutching bags of duty free alcohol from Singapore ... Read more >



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