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Hi I'm Sandie-Leigh or Sands for short. I live in beautiful Australia - often referred to as 'The Land Down Under'. I've been a Avionics Engineer, cook, photographer's assistant and currently a wife of twenty years, mother of four studying Sociology and Global Politics, but don't let any of that fool you, I was born for adventure!

I have spent a lot of time travelling over the past thirty years and yet my quest for more is endless. The list of countries I need to see in this lifetime are: Turkey, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Canada and New Zealand - just to start with. My ultimate dream would be to walk the old silk road, follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, rest among the ruins of Ancient Greece, and of course to see the majesty inside of the Egyptian pyramids.

I have written a great medieval, fantasy adventure manuscript that is inspired by my love of the Classical Era and I wish I could relive the adventures of the heroes and heroines of those ancient times. That particular 100,000 word trilogy waits collecting dust till something can spur me to the final edit. I have won poetry contests and been published, once. Yet I'm not a professional writer - that is a dream achievment still waiting for fruition. Essentially I have always just needed to write, something. 

My dream job however woud be to combine my love for writing and photography with travel, which leads me to why I'm here, hoping that by entering the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship I may be able to live the dream of all dreams by being mentored by someone with the knowledge and experience of travel writing to give me the boost needed to find my niche in the writing world!

I have travelled Switzerland, many years ago my first solo international visit was to Switzerland where I enjoying skiing, train tours and the amazing shopping and historical sights of Zurich. I have also been to Hong Kong and spent most of my life travelling and living in various parts of Australia's East Coast. Each and every part of this great world is an inspiration to spur me on to even more discoveries.

I have a philosophical, yet curious nature and desire for the world to be one big happy family. Of course that may not happen in many lifetimes to come, therefore I like to learn as much as I can about the amazing people that dwell upon every continent. Which hopefully I will get to visit all the destinations on my wish list and record both visually and literally my stories and share them with the world.

Having raised a family for the last sixteen years, there's not much in life which fazes me, however I do have a gut-wrenching need to witness global equality become a reality and to see the extinguishing of racism and intolerance towards others and an end to the destruction of our natural environment. That said I hope my experiences to date will be a great help in my goal to travel the world as a travel writer!!!

But to start with tempt your travel taste spuds by reading my Paronella Park experience in Northern Queensland, Australia and if you need to know more visit their website to see what you're missing!! A story of my Switzerland visit is to come shortly.


Happy Travels


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