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East Meets West A kind of marriage between Asia and Europe as my life yo-yo's between the two this year! It's about the contrasts and similarities and especially the Art, Culture and Food.

About sammyjo

Italy has SO many stray cats, this little kitten had found a home in the restaurant La Cantina in Castiglione del lago.

Italy has SO many stray cats, this little kitten had found a home in the restaurant La Cantina in Castiglione del lago.

Hi! I'm married with two grown up daughters. My history is varied ... Education .... adult and children, TV, Art. Catering.

I was the founder of the National Arts Workshop for Children and am passionate about encouraging creativity in young people.  In fact I'm passionate about encouraging creativity in adults too which is why I started my Painting Holidays in Umbria and Tuscany (Not Just a Painting Holiday)

In addition I dabble in freelance journalism and also blog for AngloINFO  splitting my life between Italy and the UK when I'm not elsewhere travelling!

I love travelling!  Especially Asia. I've been to Hong Kong about four times.  One of our daughters was a language assistant at the Belilios School for Girls in her gap year and  then our younger daughter attended the school as a pupil. It is the most amazing place!  It feeds all the senses with new sights, sounds, smells round every corner.  The temples, Big Buddha, the view from the Peak, the harbour.  Stunning! 

I've also travelled  to India and the Phillipines for work projects, and Japan, Thailand, Malaysia  (Penang and KL) Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France for pleasure.  All very interesting and different.  My second trip to Singapore is coming up in February and I can't wait!  Singapore rates joint first with Hong Kong.  Where I would probably choose Hong Kong as the most colourful and fascinating place Asian destination for a short holiday I think Singapore has the edge when it comes to actually living and working there.  (Our eldest daughter and her husband have lived there for two years).  The architecture is amazing and the area around Marina Bay, beautiful. 

I consider myself extremely lucky in that , apart from trips to Thailand, France and Switzerland, I've always had my own personal guide. In Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore this has been my daughter and in other places, work colleagues or friends. It does make such a difference! 

Apart from travelling and my family (they are the most important) my interests are art, photography, blogging, animals,   poetry, food and everything that keeps me fit.  I attend a gym regularly and enjoy walking and running. My favourite sport  is gymnastics (I am a qualified Rhythmic Gymnastic coach)  

I enjoy the theatre and love dancing. I don't really have a favourite singer or type of music.  It depends on what kind of mood I'm in!  But, i must admit i never tire of watching and listening to the P Funking Band from Perugia! 


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